swiss watch trade-inTrade-in is a program that gives you the opportunity to exchange the old Swiss watch for the new modern model. This system of exchange is commonly applied and well-known in the world of automobiles. A similar service is offered by major suppliers of luxury items, including our website.

The trade-in program is a perfect suggestion in case you have purchased or received as a gift a Swiss watch, which didn’t suit you. Or the watch is out of date and you want new model. Finally, the program is also handy when you just need available funds (in this case it is possible to exchange your old watch for a new, cheaper model).

The program allows you to make an exchange, paying only the differential cost with no extra expenditures and cares. And being specialists in sale of Swiss watches, we are ready to suggest a reasonable price for your watch and offer wide range of new models at reasonable proce.

The procedure of the trade-in program is simple and clear. You choose a new watch you want to order on our website. Then you offer your watch, and we agree on it's value.

The cost of watches on the secondary market depends on two factors: the condition of the watch and the condition of the kit. We purchase only official watches: with the original case, papers and international dealer’s warranty.

If the value determined is satisfactory for you, an order for the new model can be made. Under the terms of the order, you have to make an advance payment of 10% of a new watch’s cost as a guarantee of the seriousness of your intentions. However, ordering a watch by means of the trade-in program you can leave us your old watch instead of prepayment.

Within the agreed time of delivery you get a new watch, having paid only the differential cost. Thus, you get a new watch instead of the old one without a necessity of searching for the buyer; not waiting until the watch is sold, and not taking risks in the bargain arranging.

If the offered value of your watch doesn’t satisfy you we give you another opportunity. You can set your watch for sale via our website, at the price you find appropriate. The service is available only when you order the new model.

The advantage of our website in the trade-in program is a clear procedure of evaluating your watch and best prices for new models, which we can offer thanks to the system of discounts our company has. We do our best to give you positive emotion not only from getting a new watch, but also from the process of buying it.

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