10 tips to choose swiss watches

On our site you can find not only the original Swiss watches for sale. First of all, it is the world's largest watch encyclopedia aimed at collecting and presenting the diversity, complexity and beauty of the watches made by the finest Watch Houses in the world. It also will help to make a choice.

A watch is a personal thing that will be worn on your wrist and gladden your eyes. The better the purchase fits your personal taste the more pleasure you get from it. There is no universal rating like the "must have" category. The purpose of this article is only to point out a few tips for you to apply while orienting in the rich and versatile world of watches.


tip 1

The first question we advise you to respond being the buyer and choosing a Swiss watch (even if it sounds strange at first sight), is: What do you need the watch for? Perhaps you want to impress your friends or business partners, to raise or to accentuate your social status this way. Maybe you are fond of watchmaking art, with its fascinating history full of exciting inventions and revolutionary models. You may also be attracted by the aesthetic aspect of  the original mechanical watches you saw on the wrists of leaders, athletes, heroes of Hollywood blockbusters. Or you have achieved some success in your life and want to reward and rejoice yourself. These are the common motives, and each of them is worthy of respect and can be a starting point for making a choice.


tip 2

The second question is what is your life style? The answer will help us to understand what must be the watch style to suit you. If you spend most of time in the office, so pay attention to models which will match a business suit. If you spend more time in motion, outdoors, or do sports, so prefer a sports watch. If you are engaged in some kind of arts or creative work, so you would probably be eager to have a watch with original artistic or futuristic design on your wrist.


tip 3

How often are you going to wear a watch? Swiss watch is a reliable thing, meticulously assembled from quality materials of high strength and designed for lasting operation. But this operation also should adhere to some rules and conditions. Watches have different degrees of wearing capacity. A watch for daily use should not be fragile and be ready for “cruel” treatment. And watches for sports and especially diving must be reliable and meet quality standards.


tip 4

And in addition to the previous question: in what conditions are you going to wear your watch and how much time will devote to it? Here all is quite simple. If you plan to wear the watch every day, then you can choose a model with manual winding which will become a part of your daily ritual of putting the watch on. But if you do not want to wind the watch daily, so choose a watch with automatic winding. This mechanism allows winding the watch by the movement of your arms when walking. And there are special boxes for storing such watches. They are designed to keep the watch going. If you want to take the watch on a long journey, so you’d better prefer the model with a few days’ power reserve.


tip 5

Studying of watch brands will also be handy when choosing a watch. The main ones are presented on our website. If your goal is to impress other people, then pay attention to the well-known, popular brands, names of which are famous and speak for themselves. By the way, different brands may be accepted in specific groups: sportsmen prefer definite watch brands, as well as politicians, businessmen and travellers. And if you buy a watch solely for pleasure, studying brands will still be useful: each of them has its own style, and you can select the one you like most. Many brands have an interesting history; they are associated with important inventions, events and names of famous people. Perhaps the "background" of your watch will be interesting for you and bring extra pleasure.


tip 6

And a more practical question: what is the most important for you in a watch? There is no universal answer to this question, and each viewpoint leads to the corresponding category of watches. If you are looking for highest precision, so pay attention to chronometers. If you appreciate reliability – sport models are for you. Need additional functions? So choose among watches with complications and models for travellers. If design is important, so take notice of the brands staking on image.


tip 7

Answers to the previous questions will serve as a guide while selecting the watch style. Both according to aesthetic and functional aspects Swiss watches can be divided into many style categories. But there are a few basic directions.

Business style. These are watches designed to be worn with a business suit. Typically, they are conservative both in appearance and in construction. But in all their diversity there are those that will adorn urban clothes in a casual style, as well as those suitable for high receptions as jewelry, and those that are enriched with many additional functions.

Sports style. Today it is the most wide-spread and popular style of watches. It is not obligatory that you do sports wearing these watches. The term "sports" rather determines their design and reliability. Among sports watches there are many specific models that are focused on different sports including highly tailored ones, such as watches for the participants of regattas and deep-sea diving.

The more common and popular categories of sports watches are watches for divers, pilots, drivers and sports chronographs. These watches are quite universal and they can be suitable for everyday wear, and there are sports models that will look great even with official clothes. The example is the iconic Rolex Submariner manufactured for deep-sea diving, and in our days it has become an attribute of business people.

Watches with complications can be put into a separate category. The watches are especially designed for watchmaking art lovers. Many Swiss watch brands are involved in creating unique complications, the wonders of micromechanics and these watches are the elite of mechanical watches. They are the passion of collectors. Many complications are displayed thorough transparent windows directly on the dial.

Finally, there are designer watches attracting attention of collectors and lovers of style and fashion. Aesthetic component is the most important in such watches, although elite brands also provide high level of functionality and quality of mechanism. These watches are extraordinary solutions, among which you can find something to your taste.


tip 8

How much are you ready to spend on a watch? The advice, which can be given here, is don't consider buying expensive watches as a financial investment. First, it would not be commercially beneficial, for watches, like automobiles, fall in price immediately after purchase “in the salon". And only some models (usually limited) can become of higher price when much time has passed. Secondly, such approach will reduce your pleasure from the purchase. And we want the watch to be bought just for personal pleasure. Don't spend on the watch the amount exceeding the one you can give for this pleasure with no grudge.


tip 9

If you have already liked a certain model, try to understand what makes its price. There is no clear pricing scale of Swiss watches. Gold watch of one brand can cost as much as the other’s steel one. Moreover, not only the name of the manufacturer is important, but also the quality of the movement execution, the work complexity. An inexperienced buyer may even not appreciate these aspects. Maybe it will not be significant for you.


tip 10

Be careful when buying the watch! Have deal only with reliable sellers. The choice of a seller is almost as responsible task as the selecting of a model. The market of counterfeit watches is developed, and even authorized dealers (usually small) sometimes get fakes, if they use illegal supply channels. Be sure to check all the warranty, maintenance and repair details for the case when the watch breaks down. Swiss watches are provided with documentation and brand labelling. Verify all the details with those stated on the official sites: watch marking, components of the package, how many signs are in the serial number, etc.

Good seller with a proven reputation is the guarantee for your receiving the original watch, high-quality service and reliable support in the future. Addressing a specialist you can also get expert’s advice if have difficulty with final choice.