In any article of some fashionable magazine or blog about choosing watches you can find the statement that modern watches rather demonstrate the owner’s status then show time. But if you are really in search of original Swiss watch, so you are obviously hold rather a high social status. And you know how important public image is, especially in sphere of business. The whole team of professional stylists supports each public person. All important negotiations (and you know for busy people all negotiations are important) require carefully thought-out strategy, and image is the first point of this strategy, which is often decisive.

Genuine Swiss watch is not just a subject. It is a kind of symbol. The owners of Swiss watches can be regarded as members of a special class, private fraternity of people who not only appreciate their time, but are able to enjoy its beauty. And original Swiss watch is the distinctive sign which maybe wouldn’t be properly appreciated by an inexperienced person, but the connoisseur will notice and appreciate it by all means.

On the one hand, the choice of a Swiss watch is responsible. It is often compared to choosing a car. But cars have clear technical specifications, power rates, sales ratings etc. And the watch is something more delicate. It is not only a device to measure time, but also a piece of watchmaking art, combined with the work of designers and jewelers. While choosing a watch it is necessary to study not only the specific model, but the watch brand it is produced by. Each brand has its own history, its own peculiarities and, most important, own vision of what should be the perfect watch.

On the other hand, Swiss watches are one of the most beautiful and prestigious toys the man can possess. For many gentlemen the watch becomes a subject of passion, collecting and even envy. Therefore, choosing a Swiss watch, do not forget about your own pleasure. This is the thing that is able to deliver joy of owning it for years, and not only to you but also to your descendants.

classic swiss watches

Style is first and foremost.

The first question you need to answer when choosing a Swiss watch is where and with which clothes you plan to wear them. In modern lines of elite brands you can find models for any occasion and for any clothes style.

Business style: watch as an element of a strategy.

Nothing else will speak well of your business style like an expensive Swiss watch. Choosing a watch for your business suit, you should pay attention to rules of etiquette and advice of your image makers. Namely, the rules say that business watch must correspond to the real status of its owner. The cost of the watch should be approximately equal to three monthly incomes. However, if you work with clients or conduct negotiations with business partners, so your watch must meet not yours, but theirs status and income.

Watches must be more expensive than the suit, with which they are worn. Strap color should match the color of the shoes. The second rule is easy to follow: the classical style watch straps are usually made of black or brown leather, as well as shoes to suits. These rules are equally applicable to both men and women.

Though, we should distinguish between business wear style and full dress for business meetings. For banquets, receptions, presentations and public events it is rather permissible to wear a watch with a metal bracelet. In this case, the metal must match the other metal accessories, such as pins and cuff links for men and jewelry for women. Watch with a metal bracelet and a classic suit for business negotiations visually make their owner influential and even uncompromising. If dominant position is an element of your strategy, so this opportunity can also be used wisely.

The watch case should not stick out from the cuff of a shirt, it is considered bad manners. Therefore classic watches are often manufactured with a thin case and usually do not have additional complications – upgrades like perpetual calendar, tourbillion and chronograph. Dial of a business watch is laconic; time is normally marked with arable numerals: all is clear and business-like; the time is read at a glance.

But do not forget that the XX

I century has brought diversity and a certain degree of freedom even in such well-established tradition as a business style. And in our days elegant violation of the rules is appreciated more than prim compliance. Technologies have also made a step forward and now in watch collections you can find extravagant and multifunction models with a slim case and with design suitable for the classic suit. The model samples of modern watches with a harmonious combination of classics and originality can be the Patrimony collection by Vacheron Constantin, 1815 by A. Lange and Sohne, Calatrava by Patek Philippe.

casual watchCasual watches for each day and for all occasions.

Casual style becomes more popular and universal. It brightly and dominantly influences other styles, including casual business clothes. The pace of modern city life is dynamic, with an emphasis on efficiency, and such indicators as functionality and convenience come to the front.

It would seem that choosing a watch will be facilitated by the universality of style. But things are exactly the opposite. While requirements to the watch for your business suit are defined and time-tested, choosing a watch for everyday wear requires both sophisticated taste and sense of individual style. If you are not an inveterate dandy running bold experiments, we recommend considering your clothes systemically. Choose basic colors and their combinations, as well as materials for your clothes and try to comply with the chosen image. And in accordance with it you should select the watch.

Classic models with a simple dial and strap would not match jeans and a leather jacket. Here solid models with many extra features would be more appropriate. Or you can select a watch with original design – colored dial, major indicators etc. For fans of variety watches with a set of interchangeable straps are produced: the same case can be supplemented with different straps to match the clothes or the season.

The new requirement for the watch, which is dictated by the casual style, is comfort in use. Watch should not only sit comfortably on the hand, but also be nice to the touch. Because of this rubber straps become more popular. Now it’s available even to the elite models of the highest price category.

Models of watches for casual style are very diverse. It absorbed all the best that was created during the twentieth century: the reliability and elegance of business watches, the versatility and durability of watches for travellers, motorists and pilots.

sport watch styleSports watch: raise your standards.

The main requirement for a sports watch is the multi-functionality. Stopwatch, timer and alarm are a minimal set. Watches for professional football players, athletes, cyclists are equipped with many useful features necessary for training and competitions. Watches for motorists are equipped with tachymeter that allows you to measure speed. Due to its complexity, sports watch has a solid case. Buttons for configuration and control are large to make their use comfortable when moving.

The second important requirement for sports watch is strength. Sport watches are shock-proof and waterproof. Leading positions among water-resistant watches are taken by watches for divers that can withstand deep-water immersion without loss of accuracy.

Watch brands: becoming a part of the legend.

If you examine the watch ratings or communicate with watch collectors, it would be clear that's not the technical functionality and not costly materials establish the primary value of Swiss watches. The brand, producing company, is crucial. Buying a Swiss watch without studying the history of their creation means to miss a lot. For each model is a part of the history of its brand, a certain stage of its creative search and innovations. The brand name has the same importance for process of choosing a Swiss watch as the name of the artist for buying a painting.

Not all Swiss watch manufacturers are becoming elite brands, only those which at some stage of their history have created something truly remarkable. For example, the Rolex brand has become famous owing to the first waterproof watch with an "Oyster" design; Ulysse Nardin – thanks to marine and astronomical chronometers; IWC created the first watch for pilots; and Parmigiani Fleurier got famous by sophisticated design of the watch case inspired by the streamlined shape of racing cars.

Some brands enjoy the status of the classics of watchmaking. For example, Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch company in the world, which has recently celebrated its 250th anniversary. Others, for example, the Rolex, have become symbols of reliability and stability. Producers such as Audemars Piguet, strive to find innovative solutions. Breitling and IWC test their creations for strength, exposing their watches to more and more complex tests. Such masters as Breguet improve watch movements, creating true masterpieces of wheels and spirals. And Hublot relies on materials, selecting and combining the best ones.

You also need to pay attention to the condition of the brand manufacture. Manufactories are only those watch companies, that make and produce their own watch movements (calibers) for their collections. Each such manufacture has its own key caliber, serving as model. And some brands go further and in addition to the basic mechanisms invent various complications: chronograph, tourbillon, perpetual calendars and so on. The A. Lange and Sohne brand traditionally produces collections of watches for travelers, equipped with extra dials showing the time in other time zones. Glashütte Original supplies their models with elegant "Swan neck" regulator, which became one of the brand zests. Trademark invention of the Rolex is a spiral Parachrom, resistant to the influence of magnetic fields.

It is always nice to have exclusive, cutting-edge things that are superior to or overtake counterparts in some aspects. Activity of elite watch brands in our time is focused on the constant search for innovation: modifications of calibers, inventions of new complications, unexpected and innovative design solutions.

When choosing Swiss watches, be guided by your own style, the image you want to create. Discover the brand, the history of which echoes with your personal strategy. Remember the rules of good taste, but do not forget about your own self-expression. Choosing a Swiss watch is not a test, but an interesting adventure. Enjoy it fully.