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Catalog of Luxury Watches

Swiss watch shows not only time, but also the taste and status of its owner. The first mechanical watch was made in the early nineteenth century for the Italian king, Governor-general of Napoleon, Eugene Beauharnais, to become the symbol of a new era. And in the twentieth century watches were worn everywhere as a constant attribute of a business person, the master of time.

Nowadays there are many types of watches for any occasion: classic watches, with smart design and minimum of functions; sports models ready for operation in extreme conditions; complex ones, with lots of additional functions; chronographs, equipped with a stopwatch, which operates independently from the main dial. There are also designer and jewelry watches, which are true pieces of art or jewelry, the signs of style and luxury. Finally, women's watches are jewelry and accessories, created to emphasize the dignity of a toilet.

A special place is occupied by Swiss watches. Swiss watch is a standard of perfection and a sign of high status. It’s no coincidence that these are mainly mechanical watches. It is the watch movement which is considered the symbol of time in arts. As a family relic men's mechanical watch is passed down from father to son as a sign of continuity of generations.

LuxWatch.com is not an ordinary online watch shop. This is an online catalog, which presents the best models of watches and accessories with a great number of watches available. Here you can find genuine Rolex watches, IWC pilot’s watch, Breguet tourbillon, Zenith chronograph, and such exclusives as perpetual calendar by Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe chronograph, waterproof Breitling watches, ultra-thin Vacheron Constantin watches and many others.

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