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Zenith watches

Zenith Watches

Zenith is one of the most famous Swiss watch brands, whose fame is spread far beyond the borders of Switzerland. These watches are known for more than two thousand prizes for the accuracy obtained on the Swiss and international watch fairs. Brand calibre Zenith El Primero has a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour (VPH), whereas the vibration frequency of the calibres designed by other manufacturers usually does not exceed 28 800 VPH. This high frequency provides unprecedented accuracy, which has become a brand feature of Zenith.

In the beginning of the XXI century calibre El Primero was redesigned and there was launched a new collection of the same name. Modern models of Zenith are distinguished by bold, often vanguard design solutions, experiments with materials (such as titanium, carbon), as well as new complications of the mechanism that make watches by Zenith perfect. In some models (e.g., Zenith El Primero Synopsis) the legendary calibre is visible through a transparent aperture on the dial that allows you to enjoy the contemplation of the finest work.

Thanks to the precision, Zenith managed to play its role in history. It became a pioneer in the production of watches for pilots and on-board devices for aviation. The accuracy of these watches determined not only security, but also the level of pilots’ lives protection. In addition to accuracy, they had to possess a high reliability in order to be endurable in terms of heavy loads. The theme of aviation in our days is continued and developed by the Pilot collection. It represents watches with a strong man’s character, combining courage, endurance and reliability.