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Vacheron Constantin watches for Ladies. Overseas Lady collection

Ladies Luxury Watches

Watches for women are an elegant precious jewelry, created to emphasize her exclusivity. Whether it is a business lady, society lioness or just a woman who knows her own worth – mechanical watch will add charm and confidence - what each woman needs to demonstrate in the company of men. Often watch stresses some features of a woman’s character, which are not always paid attention to by men.

Women’s watches are fundamentally different from men's ones. Men's watches have parameters, characteristics and functionality. Female watches show style, have some zest and demonstrate delicate work. Design of ladies' watches can be extremely diverse. Dials of men’s watches often resemble the dashboard of a car or plane, dials in women’s watches are pieces of the miniature art. Great attention in the design of women’s watches is paid to the bracelet, which is itself is often a piece of jewelry. If men’s watches commonly adhere to the wrist size, then women’s models boldly range from overly large to very small, they can be square or oval. The famous aphorism of Julian Tuwim was based on this: "It is not surprising that women feel lack of time – just look at their tiny watches. However, a modern successful woman appreciates her time and skillfully disposes it, receiving all the best from life.

What women like in Swiss watches is reasoning of details, made with extremely high precision; exclusive materials and individuality of each model. Swiss watches for women are not striking for their luxury, but constantly attract the attention of connoisseurs of style and elegance.

Swiss women’s watches often appear on the covers of fashion magazines, decorating the wrists of famous actresses, politicians and public figures. Princess of Monaco Stephanie is a known collector of watches.

Mechanical watches for women are an accessory resistant to changeable fashion. Impeccable taste and individual style are the qualities that are always valued highly.