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Ulysse Nardin watches

Ulysse Nardin Watches

Swiss brand Ulysse Nardin has all the advantages of the luxury watch house: a sesquicentennial history with numerous advanced achievements; time-tested reliability; own recognizable style and prestige both among Swiss watch-fanciers and professionals or collectors.

Historically, the company is closely connected with a nautical theme. Therefore not accidentally the anchor has become the symbol of the brand. Marine chronometers by Ulysse Nardin are one of the legends of watchmaking. Before the invention of quartz chronometers they were used on military and commercial vessels to determine geographic location. Naturally, the watch had to be highly precise. Over their history, marine chronometers by Ulysse Nardin received 4324 certificates of accuracy from 4504 certificates ever issued for this watch category.

Having gained authority in watchmaking Ulysse Nardin has introduced new stylistic and technical solutions in its models, transforming practical and reliable watches in the luxury items. However, marine style remained the leading theme, determining both stylistic concept and complications of the movement in the watches by Ulysse Nardin.

In the Classico collection you can see watches with cloisonné dials, a rare solution which is presented only by a few Swiss brands. On enamelled dials made with the highest craftsmanship the legendary marine vessels are depicted, such as the "Pride of Baltimore", the "HMS Caesar", "Santa Maria" and others.

In the Marine collections cutting-edge solutions of marine watches are represented. Although they are intended rather for lovers of active rest and travel. The prefix Marine is present in collections with a variety of functional solutions: watches for divers, chronometers and even models for women. Particular collections are composed of watches with dual time and perpetual calendar.