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Tudor watches

Tudor Watches

Tudor watches is an individual project of the Rolex brand founder, Hans Wildorf. Having achieved world-wide recognition for Rolex watches, Hans Wilford decided to create a watch brand producing reliable and high-quality products, but at a lower price. This allowed the head of the company to expand the range of consumers significantly. Brand Tudor was registered in 1926, but was appeared on the mass market only in 1946. Belonging to the famous Rolex brand and lower price at once made a new brand popular, and its products demanded.

Originally Tudor watches were supposed to be positioned as elegant and reliable watches for the middle class. But since they had the reliability and functionality comparable to Rolex, they had become interesting for the military, researchers and divers. In particular, Tudor became the official watch of Polar research expeditions. Their reliability, accuracy and functionality was confirmed and approved in extreme conditions.

Going towards the success of its models, the Tudor company began to supply its models with precision of chronometers and functional complications. The brand became known for such qualities as reliability, accuracy, practicality and elegance. This has provided it with great success in the category of men's wrist watches.

Constantly improving the characteristics of the movement, the reliability of the materials and the usability of its models, the company Tudor is still true to its own style, checked up by time. The most popular collection Tudor Heritage keeps up the style of the best models of the mid-twentieth century, providing them with more modern mechanisms and functions.