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Perrelet watches

Perrelet Watches

Perrelet is a young Swiss manufactory, founded in 1993 in Neuchâtel. The concept of the brand is inspired by the historical figure of Abraham-Louis Perrelet, an outstanding inventor and watchmaker.

The most important among the numerous inventions of Abraham-Louis Perrelet is a self-winding mechanism. This improvement is probably the most practical in everyday life. It is the self-winding mechanism has become the main appeal of Perrelet watches: all brand models are provided with it.

And in 1995 the factory managed to improve the system of self-winding. The Double Rotor collection was released. Watches of the collection have two rotors of a self-winding system: the first is under the back cover of the watch, the second is visible on the dial. Then both rotors were combined and connected by the transmission tribe.

Rear cover in most models of Perrelet is made of sapphire glass, thus the operation of the self-winding mechanism is made visible. And in most models manufactured after 2005, the mechanism has a unique tapestry design – the brand style of Perrelet.

The company is actively experimenting with the design of its collections, taking all the best created in the watch industry throughout the twentieth century, and interpreting it in its own way. Designers managed to make a double-rotor winding the main stylistic appeal of the Turbine collection. It is made in the form of a turbine, rotating on the surface of the dial. Due to this the dial resembles a jet aircraft engine. In the women’s models the turbines are decorated with diamonds and don’t look technocratic. Women are also suggested the Diamond Flower line with a delicate flowery ornament.