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Omega watches

Omega Watches

The "official watch brand" of James Bond, the conquerors of space and depths, Omega is one of those luxury Swiss watch brands, which is known far beyond the cohort of fans of watchmaking. Stating revolutionary tasks and successfully solving them, Omega has made its watches a symbol of purposefulness and success, the attribute of men, raising the standard higher and higher.

Omega watches demonstrate records of accuracy. They established the absolute world record registered at the Observatory of Kew-Teddington in 1936. The record is still not broken. Omega watches also have 92 victories in the competitions “Accuracy” and “72 World Records of Accuracy”. Organizers of the Olympic Games trust Omega’s accuracy; the company many times has been elected the official timekeeper of the event.

The accuracy and reliability of watches of the Omega Speedmaster collection have attracted even astronauts. NASA tested them in zero gravity, under the impact of the strongest magnetic field, and under the fluctuation of temperature from -18 to +93 degrees Celsius. As a result, the Omega Speedmaster is the only watch certified by NASA for space flights. In 1969 they went to the Moon together with American astronauts, and Neil Armstrong left his Speedmaster in the lunar module. Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov came into outer space with the watch Speedmaster at the time of Soyuz-Apollo docking. And in 1970, Omega watch was of a great use for the crew of Apollo-13; when all the electronics of the space ship had failed, the Omega Speedmaster allowed to calculate the time of safe landing on Earth with accuracy to fractions of a second.

No less famous collection is the Seamaster. It was designed for explorers of ocean depths. The watch from this collection was worn by the famous ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, when he was diving to a depth of 500 meters studying mental state of the person at depth. Omega Seamaster was on the hand of the diver Jacques Mayol, when he made a famous dive without an aqualung to a depth of 101 meters, and on the hand of the diver Roland Specker during his record-breaking dive in fresh water to a depth of 80 meters. Finally, on board of the submarine "Nautilus" Seamaster was immersed to a depth of 4400 meters.

Since 1995, Omega watches have become invariable and significant attribute of James Bond, accompanying him in all his subsequent films. And in pauses between the dangerous adventures superheroes wear watches from Constellation and De Ville collections, elegant and sophisticated models with brand accuracy, which is the standard of Omega.