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Officine Panerai watches

Officine Panerai Watches

Officine Panerai is a Swiss watch brand with Italian roots and a military background. During the twentieth century its products had been released by strictly limited editions for the needs of the Italian Navy, in particular for detachments of the special sub-unit of underwater saboteurs. In the 1990s interest in military theme in watchmaking increased so much that this watch brand could not remain unnoticed. Leaving behind a screen of secrecy, it represented to the world its unique products, which immediately won the sympathy of strong men.

Cooperation with the Navy, and especially divers-saboteurs, gave the company an incentive to a number of technical inventions and solutions that turned to be in demand in the modern sports watches. Large sizes that perfectly sit on wide wrists of muscular arms; practical and uncluttered dials with easy to read figures, all this emphasizes the masculinity of the watch owner. For the needs of divers the company has developed a special fluorescent coating for hands and indexes, which makes it possible to use Panerai watches in the underwater darkness. This way the main collections of the brand, Radiomir and Luminor, appeared, they were called after the names of the fluorescent substances used. A distinctive feature of Luminor watches is a bracket, protecting the winding crown.

Having appeared on the market of mechanical watches, Officine Panerai like an experienced saboteur had quickly and precisely attacked the hearts of collectors and fans of watchmaking. First of all, it has got its own manufacture, as befits the best watch companies. Having begun with the production of simple calibres, the producer had quickly became a skilled hand and mastered even complications from the top-class category, split-chronographs, Flyback chronographs, calibers with indication of the spring  winding and second time zone, and even tourbillons considered the most difficult complication in watchmaking.

The Officine Panerai watch is an invariable attribute of Hollywood stars, whose characters are muscular and principled heroes, bravely coming to grips with all that they don't like. Watches of this brand are worn by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and even the lady-killer Hugh Grant.