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IWC watches

IWC Watches

Each luxury watch brand has its own vision of watches, of the qualities they symbolize and the purposes they serve. The IWC (International Watch Company) managed to bring such seemingly opposite qualities as utility and aesthetics in the watches. IWC is the center of technological development of holding company Richemont Group, which includes a number of leading watch brands.

Such an important and responsible task is not accidentally entrusted to the company. This brand, founded in 1868, has been known for lots of inventions and technological decisions that contributed to the development of watchmaking.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the company has closely cooperated with the army, providing watches for the British and German fleets. At the same time, aviation began to develop rapidly, and that was IWC which has taken the trouble to raise watch production technology to a higher level, in accordance with the increased requirements of technological progress. From the mid-1930s, the company has paid all attention to the development of watches for pilots and thus has positioned itself as a brand for brave and courageous men, explorers of the new boundaries.

So, the Portuguese and Pilot's Watch collections came into being, their models can be called practical, reliable and functional instruments in a stylish and elegant form. For the needs of pilots, the company made the dials of the watches readable even in dark conditions, having applied contrast between the dial and hands, as well as luminescent figures readable in the darkness. The company also took measures to protect the movement from magnetic fields impact.

The company owns the invention of a unique module for perpetual calendar, all indicators of which are configured with help of the winding crown. The calendar is able to calculate the date for the next 500 years accurately.

Since the end of the twentieth century the IWC has focused on conquering sea depths, being the pioneer in using titanium as case material and having invented completely new watch complication, the mechanical depth gauge. In the Aquatimer collection we can find models with water tightness up to a depth of 2000 m.