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Hublot watches

Hublot Watches

Hublot Company was established in 1980 and immediately became a trendsetter of new tendencies. The creator and inspirer of the brand Carlo Crocco was aimed at breathing new life in luxury watches, to turn them from a symbol of status into the object of admiration and desire. Modern luxury watches, in his opinion, had to be original, sporty, elegant and fashionable. Their design should be compact and at the same time expressive and readable. To gain that the designers chose the shape of the light port of the ship: round, ultimately clear. And the brand itself has been called Hublot, which in French means "a window".

The brand peculiarity of Hublot is finding and using new materials to create high-class watches. As such watches are luxury items, few brands could afford running such experiments, preferring time-tested valuable materials. Hublot took the risk, and the result exceeded all expectations: new solutions immediately attracted the attention of consumers, proved to be up-to-date and successful. They made the young company a trendsetter in watchmaking art.

In the first gold watch by Hublot a rubber strap was used, which is now widely used by many prestigious watch brands. It sits comfortably on the hand even when you are engaged in sport activities, it’s easy to clean, and its length can be precisely made to fit the wrist of the client.

Not stopping there, Hublot continues to experiment boldly with the introduction and combination of different materials such as alloys of pink and yellow gold, ceramic, titanium, kevlar and rubber.

In 2005 the collection of Hublot Big Bang was presented, during the first year it increased the number of Hublot’s customers by three times. Chronograph Big Bang brought the company many prestigious awards including the Prize for design 2005 at “Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix”, the Best Sports Watch Prize at the ceremony "The Watch of the Year" in Japan, the award for Best Large-Size Watch at the ceremony "The Watch of the Year” in Bahrain.

The brand maintains close ties with the world of sports being the official partner and timekeeper of the prestigious regattas of Monaco yacht club and elite club Wally Class. Official faces of the brand are footballer Diego Maradona, record-holder in running Usain Bolt and the football team Manchester United. The company has its own TV channel, broadcasting news from the life of Hublot.