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Glashutte Original watches

Glashutte Original Watches

The Glashütte Original Company is a direct successor of the traditions of Glashütte, the legendary heart of the Saxon watchmaking. Along with a rich history, the company has absorbed the love and attention to the watch movement per se. Watches of this brand have the movement presented as a true masterpiece of micromechanics. All the details are produced on its own manufactory, polished by hand and are often exquisitely decorated. The most interesting elements, which are patented inventions of the Glashütte Original, such as the famous "Swan neck" regulator, in some models are displayed on the main dial. 

In addition to the true German features, such as accuracy and reliability, the company embodies another advantage, which characterizes the elite class watches. It’s attention to details. The design of the Glashütte Original watches doesn’t demonstrate seeking to bold innovative effects. To understand the value of the watches by Glashütte Original you should take a good look at them. The brand style is obvious in details: house three-quarter platinum, characteristic gold chatons, gold weighting screws, done perfectly and delicately, and, finally, the pride of the brand – the "Swan neck" regulator.

Technologies of Glashütte Original have absorbed all the experience of the legendary watchmakers Glashütte and were supplemented with the company’s developments. Most of the movement details are handled manually. Bevelling makes their edges glistening. Blued screws are hardened to dark-blue colour, which is caused by the oxide coating. Surfaces go through decorative finishing with pearl graining characteristic of Glashütte School or strip polishing – a decorative method of the Glashütte Original. The characteristic details of a manufactory mechanism are engraved manually by the best masters working without the prior stencil. It makes every watch of the Glashütte Original unique.