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Devon watches

Devon Watches

The 21st century expands the boundaries! And a striking example of the fact that progress has touched even those areas which we are accustomed to consider as stability and traditions reflection is the Devon Works watch brand, established in 2010 and having rapidly gained its place in the category of luxury watch brands.

Devon Works is the American watch brand, founded by Scott Devon, the inventor of the racecar GTX Super Car, which set a world speed record on the track Laguna Seca. Having enjoyed a triumph in the field of cars, the inventor has challenged the new top – the art of watchmaking. His creation, the Devon Tread 1 watch, has received the highest marks in the watches exhibition Basel World 2012, and also has attracted the attention of a wide audience. Owing to bold design inspired by the industrial revolution and technological progress, the watch is associated with the image of a progressive modern man, active, bold, extravagant, ready for experiments and discoveries.

A distinctive feature of the watches in Devon Tread 1 is the lack of classic dial with arrows slowly moving in a circle. Instead, the watch has a system of straps put into rotation and with figures on them. This technology is borrowed from aeronautics and associated with futuristic fantasies of Jules Verne.

In the Devon Tread 1 collection the belt with indication of minutes moves diagonally. In the collection of the Devon Tread 2 it is perpendicular to the belt with the time display. Today in both collections there are versions of various materials, each someway revealing and complementing the overall stylistic concept.