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Cartier watches

Cartier Watches

The legendary watch and jewelry house Cartier is known all over the world and has boutiques in many countries. 150 years of experience, which is closely interwoven with the jewelry and watchmaking, allows the brand of Cartier to implement the boldest models of watches in an impeccable jewelry form.

The production of Cartier watches is concentrated in its own manufactory in Switzerland, in La Chaux-de-Fonds. For creation of many new models the sketches of the founder Louis Cartier are still used, as well as iconic models of Cartier watches that had been released during the twentieth century and became the legends of watchmaking.

Among such models is the Cartier Tank, created in 1917. Its unique design with a massive rectangular case is inspired by British tanks of the First World War. The Cartier Tank watch was presented to American commanders in gratitude for the liberation of France and became a symbol of courage and military victory. They gained such popularity that are still being available in new variations and solutions.

Another iconic work of Cartier is the watch Crash of 1967, resembling a picture by Salvador Dali named "The Persistence of Memory". The watch has a unique curved shape, the idea of creating it, according to the legend, came to the company by chance. The Executive Director of the company witnessed a car accident in which the car was burned, and the watch got fritted. This extraordinary model has got many admirers and went through many reincarnations, the last of which was Cartier Crash Skeleton, complicated in addition to the mechanism with a transparent case.

Historically Cartier represents a lot of collections for the women. Models for women by Cartier combine impeccable technologies and sophistication of jewelry.