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Breguet watches

Breguet Watches

Breguet is one of the most famous and distinguished Swiss watch brands. It has to its credit not only the huge number of released successful models that have made the reputation of modern Swiss watches, but also many inventions that have made a significant contribution to watchmaking. Among them is self-winding mechanism, which in our time is present in an overwhelming majority of models, and the tourbillon, a complication, which is still considered a symbol of exclusivity and refinement. Both of these inventions belong to the brand founder Abraham-Louis Breguet, who is deservedly considered the greatest watchmaker in history.

The company Breguet continues developing watchmaking art in our days. And quite recently, in 2013, the company has managed to enclose the mechanisms of automatic winding and tourbillon in the world's thinnest case, having presented the model Classique Tourbillon. For that she had to completely redesign both mechanisms, having got several new patents.

Breguet watches are so complex and have so many interesting nuances that it is impossible to estimate them by glance. The company traditionally goes into the least subtleties of watch movements, bringing each of their gears to perfection. Owing to this the company occupies its place among Swiss brands of the super-premium class.

Among the collections by Breguet the Classique and Classique Complications can be distinguished: watches for a selected audience, for representatives of business, political and cultural elite. Models embody classic design in modern interpretation and mechanical perfection. Models from the Heritage collection also continue the classics line, but with curved cask-shaped case. The Marine collection is a direct successor of watches which had been developed by A. L. Breguet for the French Royal Navy. It has ergonomic and endurable models for sports and active lifestyles. Watches with protected case and extended functionality, complicated with Flyback-chronographs, are also represented in the collection Type XX / Type XXI, the line of cult pilot watches