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Blancpain watches

Blancpain Watches

Blancpain is a bright representative of the Swiss watchmaking traditions. This watch brand is not willing to join the competition of complications and develop innovations in the design of its models. Having firmly occupied its niche and picked up a group of devoted admirers, it perfects the qualities traditionally characterizing Swiss watches: accuracy, reliability and impeccable style. And in regard to these parameters, the products of Blancpain are close to perfection. These watches are created not for one day, under the influence of fashion, they exist regardless of time. They have absorbed all the best that was accumulated with experience, and are ready to pass it on to future generations.

With reverent attention Blancpain refers to dearest ladies. It was one of the first brands which drew attention to the interest women displayed to mechanical watches, and adapted this complex and traditionally men’s mechanism to elegant women's hands, turning them into precious jewelry.

The main collections of Blancpain – Leman and Villeret – are presented both by men’s and women’s models. Villeret is a tribute to the aesthetics of mechanical wrist watches, brought to perfection. These are elegant fine models which design is not loud, but thought out to the smallest detail, from the shape of the hands and numerals to the proportions of the rand and lugs for the strap. Men’s models in Villeret are equipped by traditional complications, and women’s ones have a sophisticated Ultra-Slim design.

Leman is a more functional collection with complications in both the men's and women's models. Despite the complexity, it has not lost nice elegance in design, but made it more modern. Among the complications the function of defining moon phases is widely represented; in men’s models you can find Flyback-chronographs and tourbillons.

The next sector, which is being actively developing by Blancpain along with modernization of classics, is the men's mechanical watches for motorists. This area is represented by the L-evolution collection, which includes models with a pronounced "car" design and relevant additional functions.