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Audemars Piguet watches for Mens. Royal Oak collection

Men Luxury Watches

Men’s watch is an important accessory. For a long time it was the only decoration that men could wear according to etiquette. Nowadays watches are inseparable from a business person’s style, they are the sign of your status. As the eminent financier Michael Mancic said, "Expensive watches do not create time, but reflect how expensive it is to their owner”. This phrase demonstrates deep philosophy of the men's watch.

Watches for men became ingrained in culture and now they are a part of many traditions and rituals. For the military mechanical watches are rewards. For this special commander’s watches are manufactured being a symbol of bravery and courage of their owner. As a constant accessory the watch is included into equipment for athletes and racers, it is a symbol of their achievements. The watch is often passed down as a family relic from father to son being a sign of continuity of generations. Nowadays Swiss watch is the best present for the boss, business partner or high-ranking person being a sign of respect and recognition. And of course, a mechanical watch is one of the best gifts for the beloved man. Often they have engravings with personal inscriptions, and the sound of the watch movement is strongly associated with a beating loving heart.

Swiss watch brands offer a rich variety of models, among which it is easy to find the one that would best emphasize the style and personality of the man. For farseeing and reliable men, who appreciate confidence and stability above all, perpetual calendar Pateck Philippe will be the best choice. For the brave who are eager to challenge the unknown and strive for new achievements, waterproof pilot’s watch Breitling and IWC will fit. Business men who appreciate precision and punctuality will like Zenith chronograph. For creative and artistic men who like to keep intrigue and be the center of attention, Breguet tourbillon with a complex and fascinating movement will be a perfect choice.