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Arnold & Son watches

Arnold & Son Watches

Anold & Son is originally a British brand, revived in our days in Switzerland by The British Masters group. Being originally focused on Navy, Arnold & Son brand is still stably associated with a nautical theme. It is also implemented in the design of the brand collections, where marine symbols are often used, and in complications of mechanisms compensating the impact of geographical factors on time.

One of the special complications of Arnold & Son watches is "dead seconds" ("True Beat"). This complication has traditionally been used in marine chronometers of the XVIII-XIX centuries for accurate determination of geographical longitude. In our days "dead seconds" is an image addition enriching maritime style of models by Arnold & Son. In watches with this complication the second hand is not moving smoothly, as it is usually observed in mechanical watches, but jumps to the next division in the last fraction of a second by one jerk. The popular models by Arnold & Son with such a complication are TB88, made in the style of the marine navigation device, and the limited model Dial Side True Beat.

A lot of models of the Instrument and the Royal Collection are also equipped with this complication. It is easy to recognize the watch with "dead seconds": the entire main dial is occupied by the second hand, and the dial with hours and minutes is displayed as an additional and offset to the left from the center. All models by Arnold & Son are artfully decorated, and that emphasizes rather their brand and collection than practical value.

The dials of many models by Arnold & Son are decorated with beautifully executed engravings on pearl and silver surfaces, depicting ships of the Royal Navy of the XVIII-XIX centuries (models East India Company, HMS Victory Set, TB Victory, HMS Beagle Set). Models for horse riding enthusiasts are decorated with miniatures on enamel (HM Horses Set). And on Hornet James Cook models you can see some scenes from the history of geographical discoveries. In addition to image models, the collections also include complicated watches with a function of the moon calendar (HM Perpetual Moon) and world time (Hornet World Timer).

Watches from the Instrument Collection are designed in the style of marine navigation equipment. It is especially original and exquisite in the Time Pyramid model, in which the entire movement is neatly laid out in the shape of a triangle and displayed behind the transparent sapphire glass.