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The fourth by volume of products Swiss manufacturer of high-end sports watches and chronographs throughout its long 146-year history, sought to measure athletic performance with maximum precision in minimum units of time. TAG Heuer maintains it's leading position in producing the most accurate chronographs with Mikrograph movements.


The firm was founded by Edward Heuer in 1860. Watch shop in Switzerland, where he worked, was famous for producing sports watches and chronographs with a reliable mechanism and the utmost precision.

Beginning in 1920, Heuer was used to measure results at the Olympics, and starting in 1969 and the Formula-1. The slogan of the company reflects its philosophy: "Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860". The company constantly expands the boundaries of aesthetics, precision and reliability.

1916 was a breaking point for the company when it patented "micrograph" - the world's first watch capable of measuring time to within 1 / 100 second. But not stopping there, the company introduced as early as 1969 hours "microtimer" with precision to 1 / 1000 second. Timepiece of the Heuer was on hand the first American who has made an orbital flight in 1962 - John Glenn.

In 1985 it merged with a TAG Group (Technique d `Avant-Garde), resulting in a firm TAG Heuer, acquired a controlling stake. Today, the company ranked fifth in the world by sales of Swiss watches. The company is not limited to technological innovation; there is a constant search for innovative and classic designs. In addition, all products undergo about sixty atmospheric and mechanical tests.

In 1999, 50.1% of the shares were sold to holding company LVMH (a French company renowned producer of luxury goods under the brands Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Guerlain, Kenzo, Chaumet, Moët & Chandon, Hennessy) for 739 million dollars.

The company Tag Heuer is known for creating the world's first watch with a magnetic-type balance: Pendulum. And as the world's first mechanical watch Microtimer Flying 1000 with the oscillation frequency 1000 per second.