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The success of the brand with the crown on the company's logo in was promoted by the model Rolex Oyster - the world's first wristwatch, the case which was hermetically protected from moisture and dust. In the mid ‘20s of the last century it was a real achievement of watchmaking, because until Oyster defining characteristic good chronometers were accuracy and reliability. This model truly revolutionized the watchmaking standards. 


Rolex - probably one of the most recognizable watch brands. The original design of the Rolex is the best corresponds to the image of "the master of life." Sparkling dial with pretentious crown in the logo, the abundance of inscriptions describing titles and merits.  

And a lots of gold. Rolex, probably the only one of watch brands, that anybody in the world will associate with luxury.  Rolex watches known to all - even those who do not need to go into the specifics of the market of exclusive watches, which are three of their annual earnings. Note, people born or long time rich do not wear Rolex. But most people who want to succeed in life, dream of.

Excursion into the history of the company does not explain this phenomenon. In 1908 Hans Wilsdorf founded the company, which first became a pioneer in the field of automobile mechanisms, and then - in the field of water resistance (it is the legendary Oyster Perpetual), and all this time very well advertised itself. In general, it's simple. But Rolex - not just a successful business decision, the right choice of strategy or competent marketing.

Rolex – symbol, attribute of success. On ly few things managed to earn this kind of reputation. Surprisingly that Rolex achieved it at the beginning of the century, immediately after the founding of the brand. Apparently, one of the reasons for the success of the company (we omit undoubtedly highest quality watches, which really can be appreciated by a long-range aviation navigators) is the simple fact that some watches must be the best. The circumstances are that they have become Rolex such.

 Legend of steel lineups: Rolex Daytona; Rolex Milgauss; Rolex Submariner; Rolex DeepSea. Synonym Rolex - watch this extremely high quality.