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Abraham-Louis Perrelet, born in 1729 in Neuchatel, in Switzerland, at an early age became interested in watchmaking. Being the first watchmaker in Le Locle, Perrelet was first to produce watches with automatic winding, using an oscillating weight inside the watch, that moved up and down. In 1780 Perrelet created the first pedometer, measuring the steps and distance while walking.

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Throughout the 17th century horology was the prerogative of the French, German and English masters, but in the early 18th century it has spread to Switzerland. The founding father of Swiss watchmaking is considered to be a blacksmith Daniel Jean Richard (1665 - 1741). It was he who in 1705 opened the first office in La Sagne, and then in Le Locle. Soon after, in the 1700s, this new kind of activity has taken root in Geneva, then in the canton of Neuchatel.

Watchmaking that was presented in Le Locle is already 30 years old when in 1729 Abraham Louis Perrelet was born. His father, Daniel Perrelet, was both a farmer and carpenter. Neuchatel long winters he was creating tools that were needed for watchmakers. Like any child at that time, Abraham Louis Perrelet helped his parents and in the fields, and in the workshop. At age 20, after realizing that watchmaking is rapidly gaining ground in Switzerland, he left the family business and devoted himself completely to this amazing craft.

The first obstacle he faced was the lack of special tools. He overcame this difficulty by designing and creating the tools of his own, in order to improve the production of watches.

Abraham Louis Perrelet was the first man in Le Locle, which makes the watch with a cylinder, double speed, date and balance. Despite his youth, he had acquired a considerable reputation and provided advice as an expert. He could answer any question of their colleagues when they are faced with the complexities of the movement, and at first glance to recognize errors that plagued his colleagues to achieve their goals by helping them improve their products.