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Omega is truly the watch of explorers. Oceans, skies, even space. Omega Speedmaster Professional introduced in 1957 was the first watch on American spacewalk during NASA's Gemini 4 mission and Apollo 11 moonwalk. It still remains the only watch qualified for EVA. For many years Omega watches remain as official timekeepers of Olympics.


The first steps to success watch company made in 1894. Masters of the company created clockwork outstanding in performance. The appropriate name was coined for it - Omega - the last letter of the Greek alphabet. This name symbolized the perfection and completeness - and these characteristics were not far from the truth. Thanks to this wonderful mechanism of the company Louis Brandt & Fills able to significantly increase their sales and become one of the leading Swiss watch business. Five years later, the owners decided to rename their creation - surely a better name than the Omega, they couldn’t find - even then it was a recognizable brand.

In 1900 Omega begins mass production of watches. The company soon began to participate in various sporting events as official timekeeper. The first such sporting event was Gordon Bennett Cup in 1909.

Perfect features Omega watch movements began to bring their “dividends” - Omega began with certain regularity win the first places in competitions on the accuracy of time. In 1936, Omega sets a record that still has not been beaten by any watch company in the world: the testing in Kew Teddington Observatory earned mechanism Omega 97.8 points out of 100 possible - that is, it was almost a perfect mechanism.

In 1940, the company opens design department - it was a new milestone in the development of Omega. The time has come for watch collections with idea and "individual character".

In 1943, Omega released their first automatic wristwatch. Then there are collections: Seamaster (1948); Constellation (1952); Speedmaster (1957) - these watches were with astronauts when they landed on Moon; Omega Scope (1961); De Ville (1967) and many others.

For over 160 years, OMEGA was the model of pioneering: six missions to the Moon, the first watches for drivers, the world's only wrist watch, awarded certificate of marine chronometer.