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  • Graham

"Hard to port!" - This is the motto of this brutal Chronofighter. It may be seen as a leftside driving. In any case, the prononciation of the phrase, the name of company and watch itself leaves the true taste of English. The Swiss company "The British Masters" has breathed new life into an old brand with the help of Graham chronometer Chronofighter.

Graham Collections

Graham company is obliged its appearance to the most genius watchmaker known today, the inventor of chronograph. Today representatives of the brand, operating under the name of this extremely obliging, are trying to revive the spirit of the artist George Graham, his desire for innovation and technical improvement, which greatly influenced the formation of the world of horology XVIII century. As a tribute to the venerable founder, the most of modern models of Graham made as chronographs, often equipped with special functions necessary to seamen, airmen and people of other professions related to extreme events. That's why Graham model designed primarily for male audience that could appreciate the quality and technical innovations, as well as a strict English elegance.