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  • Chopard

It's not often a company can celebrate two anniversaries in the same year. One of the anniversaries that Chopard celebrated in 2006 is 30th anniversary of the release of the Happy Diamonds collection. These exceptional, repeatedly prized ladies watches from Chopard jewelry line, their existence owed to Caroline Scheufele, sister of Charles-Friedrich Scheufele, with whom she leads family enterprise.


Chopard has engaged in the production of Swiss luxury watches, jewelry and accessories since 1860, when Louis-Ulysse Chopard, a talented craftsman of 24 years, opened a workshop in the Swiss town of Sonvilier. He made a bid to improve the accuracy of pocket watches and chronometers to the latest ideas of his time, and has not lost. Soon his watch had gained an excellent reputation for its precision and reliability, received recognition away from home - in Western Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. In particular, the first watch series LUC, to borrow the initials of the founder as the title, in 1912, was awarded the highest award of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. 
Heir to the company's founder, Paul Louis Chopard, in 1921, opened an office in the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, and eventually moved the main office, and in 1937 the headquarters moved to the capital of Chopard watchmaking - Geneva. In 1943 he took the baton to Paul Andre Chopard, grandson of the founder of the dynasty. However, the sons of Paul Andre did not want to continue the family business and in 1963 he sold already known brand to Karl Scheufele, a descendant of the dynasty of watchmakers and jewelers from Pforzheim (Germany). 
In 1974, simultaneously with the transfer of production of Chopard in Meyrin (Canton of Geneva), the company opened new horizons - the production of watches for ladies and jewelry timepieces. Just two years later Chopard presents the first watches of Happy Diamonds collection. The highlight of the collection becomes the newest invention of the company - a few free-floating diamonds, included, like sparkling dew drops, between two sapphire crystals. 
Another two years, and the company starts manufacturing sports watch models with a leather strap. In the 80's model lineup is complemented by Happy Diamonds jewelry models and opened the first Chopard boutiques in Hong Kong, Geneva and Vienna. 
In 1985, Caroline Scheufele, wife of the owner of the company, with a childhood interest in drawing fashion models, create the first sketch of a clown with legs on hinges and transparent "tummy", filled with diamonds and colored gemstones, which will become the epitome of the Chopard brand and the beginning of an upscale jewelry line Happy Diamonds. 
In 1988 starts partnership with the Italian rally Mille Miglia (Italian. «Mille Miglia» - Thousand miles). In commemoration of cooperation was created a collection of sports watches 1000 Miglia and the emerging tradition of releasing a special series of Mille Miglia timepieces each year. 
In 1998, Chopard became an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival and Caroline Scheufele creates a new design for the Palme d'Or - the main prize of the competition of short films. 
The new millennium marked by presentation of a new series of LUC Quattro. Improved, with four wind-up barrels mechanism ensures nine days power reserve. And in 2002, Chopard has acted as the official timekeeper of the rally the Monaco Grand Prix for retro cars in Monte Carlo and began production of Elton John charity watch for Fund to Fight AIDS. 
In general, the brand is characterized by a combination of superior watchmaking craftsmanship and original design, converting each new model in ewelry. Chopard is also creates every single piece of the watch in the house, unlike the current use mechanisms of other famous Swiss brands. 
In 2010, the brand Chopard celebrated its 150th anniversary and presented a commemorative collection of the Animal World 150, unique jewelry models using in its design images of different animals and four new models series LUC, equipped with four new mechanisms: LUC Engine One Tourbillon, LUC Tribute to Louis-Ulysse Chopard, LUC 1937 and LUC All in One.