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  • Breguet

"Give me an excellent oil, and I will give you an excellent clockwork "- said Abraham-Louis Breguet two hundred years ago. Now, apparently search for the ideal lubricant for watch has ended. Rich with traditions watch brand is involved in a research project on the development of parts from silicon.


Abraham-Louis Breguet was not only the best watchmaker late XVIII - early XIX century. He was the founder of a new style of watchmaking. Two hundred years after the existence of the studio, which he directed, in fact no one has added anything fundamentally new in the production of watch movements.
Master introduced seven major improvements in the clock mechanism. He developed a style of Breguet hands, and dials drawing. He invented separate repeaters minute spring. He invented the Tourbillon - balance mechanism, which offsets the effect of Earth's gravity on the accuracy of the watch. Also, anti-shock device, the so-called "parachute." He created the famous spiral, currently known as the Breguet Spiral.
For outstanding achievements in horology Breguet was awarded numerous awards and titles. In 1816 he was elected a member of the French Royal Academy of Sciences, a knight of the Legion of Fame and a member of the French Bureau of Measurements (now "The Chamber of Weights and Measures").
In 1999, Swatch Group bought Breguet. For a long time Breguet headed by one of the founders of the Swatch Group - Nicolas George Hayek, who personally contributed to the development of Breguet. Carefully preserving and supporting ideas, traditions, style and quality of one of the oldest watch companies in the world.