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In 1982, Blancpain celebrated its rebirth with presentation of modest collection of complex mechanical watches in the classic round case and thus publicly announced its intention to revive it's traditional mechanical watchmaking. For a quarter of a century have passed since that memorable event, many other companies appeared in that category, and now there are only few who remembers the shock suffered by Swiss watchmakers, almost dissapeared from the market by Japanese manufacturers and their cheap quartz.

Blancpain HISTORY

History Blancpain - is the story of the oldest and one of the most respected today watch companies, which is characterized by a unique philosophy of watchmaking. The title of the world's oldest watch brand owned by the company Blancpain Le Brassuscomes with great responsibility. And they are well aware of that fact: just one look at the strict line of Blancpain watches, to understand that before you a rare representative of the blue blood.

It all started with a small workshop, which was opened in 1735 by master Jean-Jacques Blancpain in the village Vilrey. Blancpain Dynasty, with 13 generations, has achieved many successes in watchmaking: it is not only the development of new mechanisms, but also the opening Watch college in Vilrey to everyone whohas a passion for precision mechanics, was able to get an education.

For more than 270 years of existence, it developed a clear "code of honor" of watchmaker: master of Blancpain considers production of watch as creativity and not the craft. In the history of the companythere was not a single copy or electronic quartz watches made. There will none in the future.

Second breath for Blancpain opened in January 1983, when the company was acquired by Jean-Claude Biver Jacques Piguet, director of watch company Frédéric Piguet SA, one of the brightest people of modern Swiss watch industry. Blancpain acquisition was a huge risk, but they deliberately took this step, which became a serious challenge. Biver decided to bet that Blancpain never "lowered the bar" to the production of quartz watches. The new slogan worked perfectly, especially when world again revived the demand for mechanical watches

Today, Blancpain is included in the most powerful Swiss Swatch Group holding company and is considered one of the most respected companies in the world. It's led by Marc A. Hayek (grandson of Nicolas Hayek, Swatch Group's founder and chairman). Blancpain modern factory is located in Le Brassus. It employes 128 workers - graduates of the best schools in the Swiss watchmaking. Each watchmaker personally makes one watch from beginning to the end.