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Last name Baume is known in Swiss Jura village of Les Bois since the beginning of the XVII century: in 1610 a watchmaker Louis-Joseph Baume opened there the first tiny company in the manufacture and repair of primitive movements. But Baume & Mercier as we know it today was founded as "Freres Baume" by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume in 1830.

Baume & Mercier Collections
Baume & Mercier HISTORY

Modern "Baume & Mercier" was founded as "Freres Baume"  in 1830 by brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume. They opened their first shop in Swiss Jura, village by the name Les Bois. Company expansion didn't happen until 1921, under the name "Baume Brothers". Branch was established in London.

Company director at the time William Baume joined forces with Paul Mercier to found "Baume & Mercier" as we know it today, in Geneva. In 1919 company was awarded the highest award in the field of watchmaking, equal to Oscar, Geneva Seal.

During 20's, company embraced the Roaring Twenties ideas and new freedoms, like equality of men and women. Brand launched many ladies collection, as Marquise. Some of it, still get re-issued today.

In 1988, brabd was acquired by Richemont group. 

Today, Baume & Mercier brand offers wide variety of fine Swiss watches to satisfy every taste.