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British brand Arnold & Son, revived by the Swiss watch group The British Masters, vigorously and aggressively continues to win its place in the world market. Englishman John Arnold was a good friend of Abraham-Louis Breguet, as proved by their correspondence. They were united in a special way by the "anti-gravity device". His first tourbillon Breguet developed on the chronometer made by John Arnold. Later Breguet presented watch to the son of the late watchmaker, engraved on the mechanism is a commemorative inscription: "Here combined controller-tourbillon from Breguet and the very first mechanism of Arnold”.

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Arnold & Son HISTORY

Arnold & Son watches trace their origins back to the birth of John Arnold  1736-1799 in Cornwall, UK, in the family of a watchmaker. In 1764, he founded a workshop on the Strand, one of the main streets in central London, connecting the West End with the City, on which the theaters, luxurious shops and hotels are located.

Early in his career John Arnold created a miniature clock with the minute indication of one-half of inch in diameter, has set it into the ring and gave them to King George III. Received recognition and access to the circle of the most wealthy people, Arnold decides to take a more global challenge of the time to find a reliable method of measuring longitude at sea to stop heavy maritime losses and accelerate the expansion of the British Empire. In 1770, Arnold specializes in the production of marine chronometers, testing two identical prototype at sea and on land.

Son John Roger Arnold, who for years studied with the famous watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris, decided to join his father and in 1787 they founded the watch company Arnold & Son. Soon the ships of the British Royal Navy began to use only Arnold & Son chronographs. Such famous explorers as Cook, Phipps, Vancouver, Flinders, David Livingstone, John Franklin, Sir Ernest Shekelton and others took with them on the expedition  Arnold & Son chronographs. After the death of Arnold and his son, company was bought by Charles Frodsham 1810 - 1871, and until 1858 it was called Arnold & Frodsham.

In 2001, for the true followers of British culture on the 200-year anniversary were presented limited edition watches Arnold & Son Tourbillon Master GMT with manual winding. In 2002 was released a modification of the automatic chronograph with two independent time zones GMT Timekeeper. In 2003 were born watches Arnold & Son Longitude Timekeeper II, a big gift to the sea adventures, because these watches were developed exclusevly for this function. There is another automatic timepiece Arnold & Son Hour-Minute-Second, made in the retro style. The fourth version of the GMT Timekeeper and chronometer White Ensign - with manual winding and the 7 day power reserve.
In 2012, at the world exhibition Baselworld, was presented several unique innovations. TE8 Tourbillon model equipped with "inverted" tourbillon, True Beat 88 with a "second stop".

In 2014, the company Arnold & Son has produced several original innovations. Model Dial Side True Beat (DSTB) Limited Edition, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the brand. Laid out on the dial of the watch anchor emphasizes the relationship Arnold & Son with the British navy, which in the XVIII-XIX centuries the company successfully sold marine chronometers with the complexity of the "dead seconds» («True Beat»). For the production of limited watches (8 pieces) TE8 Métiers d'Art II, inspired by the company pocket watch King George III. The model is equipped one-minute tourbillon and decorated with guilloche pattern on the dial, hand-made of German silver.